Welcome to DIET Bankura

Our DIET is located at Chhandar (Originally Chandrahar during Mughal Period), a village of Bankura Districe, at a distance of nearly 25 Kms. away from Bankura Town.

It is situated by the side of Bankura – Sonamukhi bus route and ½ Km from the railway station Chhandar and 25 Kms. from Durgapur Station on Eastern Railway.

DIET Campus is totally green campus of 22.3 Bighas of Land with play grounds and auditorium.

Our Mission

1.To prepare efficient , competent, committed teachers to serve for the nation.

2.To provide opportunities and facilities for the all round development of teacher

3.To develop sensitivity towards emerging issues in the changing society.

4.To create awareness in teacher trainees about the modern trends in educational field.

5.To make quest for excellence an inherent aspect for all curricular and co-curricular

6.Moreover to provide students with quality educational experience and support
services that can lead to successful completion of degrees along with imparting of
carrier-oriented educations and basic skills of proficiency.

Our Vision

To promote and pursue excellence in teacher education by opening global avenues in
education and research for the all-round development of competent and committed professionals to meet the challenges of 21st century.
We are aiming to make a student through the development, innovation, and application of knowledge towards creating multi-skilled and socially responsible global citizens for a people centric ecologically sustainable society.
In keeping with the rich heritage of the institution our singular vision is to secure a
learning environment for the personal and intellectual growth of those we serve by placing their needs at the center of our decision –making. We envision a world where our students emerge as the whole person intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually in ways that embraces academic excellence communal service, respects and fosters universal value of humanity.

Principal Message

It is so true that education is the manifestation and the most cherished possession of a person that drives him towards enlightenment from the confines of ignorance and darkness. The quintessential role of education is to ignite the spark of knowledge with rational, righteous and scientific thoughts in a human being which eventually leads him to perfection. Education also plays a pivotal role in ameliorating the living standards of a nation and its demography. If education acts as the driving force for both individual and collective enlightenment, its institutions serve the purpose of the body to its soul with such visionary zeal.

Teacher has countless responsibilities to their student’s physical, psychological, emotional, development. Thus the motto of this Institution is to empower the student teachers with the professional and social competencies to compete with the challenging world. The entire course is dedicated to elevating the quality of Teacher Education in the State. Through its various activities, the institute aspires to create an environment to
assist the student- teachers to realize their full potential to enable them to play their roles effectively in the society in which they live in.

Every year we encounter endless lists of the students who wish to seek admission to our institute. It is our deep regret that we cannot accommodate them all as we are compelled to abide by the strict admission guidelines led down by the W.B.B.P.E approved by N.C.T.E.

-Sushil Kumar Gharami

Various Programmes of DIET

Educational Excursion

Farewell Ceremony

Annual Sports

Basanta Utsav